Dall Wudes

by Prozac Dreams

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DIY straight edge punk from the deep south
This Album is a Shitpost

Guitar, Bass and Vox were recorded on a $30 mic in my bedroom
Drums were recorded at Black Sneaker Souls

Jackson Wise - Guitar/Bass/Vox
Mike Robbins - Guitar/Bass/BackupVox
Brandon Gallagher - Drums


released October 19, 2016

Thank you to Jake, DevDog, the Sentiments, Rivers + Danielle + Jonah, Clark Williams, the homie Kirsten, Jonah (nice handsome boy), Black Sneaker Souls, Aryn, Eli(ar), everyone who bought shirts, Jeremy, Westley, the Clemson homies, and my family for making this shitpost possible.

NOthing matters, but still don't fucking rape people



all rights reserved


Prozac Dreams Greenville, South Carolina

"Prozac Dreams" is a punk/post-emo project from the south. This isn't to be taken very seriously. i love you jake. the previous album is not punk, if you're into that. Other music by the members of this band are under "reccomendations"

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Track Name: Sus
i hate this girl
she plays games
and i don't fuck with it
no i won't light one up
get away
this girl is SUS
Track Name: Nihilism
What does it mean to be alive? To be in love, to laugh and die?
Yes I built this bed
I want NO more humans, no more cries, no more rape and no more skies
And no more cheating, and lying about it to my face 3 FUCKING TIMES.
I am losing touch of me, I am losing touch of everything
My 3 stones have gone away, and all my friends are fucking fake
I don’t feel that human
Track Name: The Dogs
dog's don't come near me when i'm sighing
because they know i'm thinking about dying
i'm trying to get better but these problems keep compiling
into a mass suicide, i wanna die
i wanna die in a mass suicide
i want to fucking die
Track Name: die off!
They all act the same! using their parents money for cocaine,
A Christ-conformist Agenda in God’s name
They all Act the same! Ruining the innocence of a young woman’s face –
To bury their sickness in your family
Die off! Go skate!
Fuck your dues! Get Paid!
Fuck you! C U! Die off!
Track Name: God is Gay, no one cares
no body knows, no body cares
if somebody's there, please let me know

this body has turned on me, my stomach is filled with lust
this pit i have opened is flooding my angel marks
if abstinence is harmony, then i want a noise band
the art thats a part of me, i stuff into my skin

no body knows, no body cares
God is gay, everyone stares
Track Name: One Nation, Under Goth
this is a crack, this is a bump
this is smooth, this is rough
this is america, this is a drill
why the fuck are you still taking pills?
you're throwing your life away
all i do is skate, and never fuck
i get really sad and never wanna fall in love again
crisis in full, this is not a drill
why the fuck are you still taking pills?
you're throwing your life away
just skate all day
Track Name: God Hates Me & I Hate Me 2
String out the blood in me, the perfect catastrophe
Yes, I really messed up myself this time
Oh my god, her hair’s on fire, her hair’s on fire, her hair’s on fire
Oh my god oh my god its his god it’s your god, its my god, its your
Did you ever really think that I could go this far, far
Into a wild wild statis of a masculine cause?
I’ll take rearrange your body then I’ll let you go because
Life is a fucking joke
I never knew I could feel so alone
I never thought I would never have a home
These animals are losing touch and taking drugs
Theyre consuming America
God hates me

God is havic and god is static xxxx
Track Name: Knuckles
The dried blood, sunken in the crevices of my broken hand_
the purest piece of art, i can comprehend
it's clinging to insects and stinging with regret
No! i Need my hands for Everything!!

God Made Rape and god made this!
God made brick and the blood on my fist!

Do you remember me? the boy with roses for hands
Well i've burned down your temple because of your sin
I am the insects and I am the REGRET
Track Name: no no no no
i knew that i could love you eventually
i just needed some time to work on myself
but i'm suck staring walls down
and i know Damn well that's not how it works
Track Name: ALT-GIRL
her hair changes colors, no sun shines above her
she gets me rightttttttt
a pair of thigh highs and a short plaid skirt,
she's giving me signs and my pants start to rise

i like you (Alt Girl)
i need you
suck me off until i'm dead, take your pants off and get in my bed!
i want you

theeeerrrres nowhere i would rather be,
than listening to morrisey with you in my truck
dance a little, and talk about how much you hate your dad
and then, we can fuck
Track Name: PBR Skum
Drinking IPA at your local bar makes you cool,
Passing out at the wheel of your car like a fool.
I don’t have a problem, I don’t have a problem,
I don’t have a problem, You’re my fucking problem,
having sex with underage girls is your fucking problem
I’m a 15 year old girl and you’re my fucking problem
You! Are! Not! an adult! you are a child holding a beer
You are not hot shit, you are the scum of the earth! Go to hell!
I’m not a loner, youre the loner
Please stop asking me to smoke man I’m not a fucking stoner
You cant use my phone you can’t get a ride just leave me alone! go fuck off and die!
Get away! You PBR scum!